Eager To Satisfy

Our eagerness to satisfy our customer is accomplished by a customer first approach in which we listen, anticipate, and strive to exceed the needs and expectations of both patients and referring physicians. We promote continuous learning and collaboration among our physicians and staff in order to achieve excellence. We believe service excellence is achieved through proactive, innovative and responsible management of our many knowledgeable resources.

Leading Edge Technologies

When it comes to medical imaging and laboratory medicine, the most advanced technologies produce the most detailed images and lab results, and therefore, the most accurate diagnosis and treatment. At Medinova, we continually invest in leading-edge technology to provide patients and their physicians with the clearest images and lab reports available. Integrity We are dedicated to conducting our business in an honest, fair and appropriate manner with dignity and respect. That is true integrity.

Team of Champion Professionals

Our certified radiologists, pathologists, cardiologists, sonologists and consultants and/or specialists are recognized for their proficiency and reliability and are preferred by physicians seeking dependable image and lab reports or readings delivered in a timely fashion. In most cases, we provide referring physicians with readings of patient scans within 24 hours or less. At Medinova, we come together as a team of champion professionals.

Commitment to Excellence

Our team of professionals ensures that patients enjoy the highest caliber of safety, comfort and convenience while providing their physicians access to the information they need when they need it. We respect the unique nature and requests of each individual and recognize their right to privacy, confidentiality and health care choices. We believe in the compassionate delivery of medical care. We strive to create an environment in which professionalism and caring are combined to promote the best experience and the accurate diagnosis for all of our patients. This is our commitment to excellence.

Specialist Doctors

Experienced Doctor