Why Open MRI?

Open MRI at Medinova Imaging provides patients with more comfort and less anxiety. Open MRI also costs significantly less than more traditional, hospital-based imaging options, giving patients a much lower out of pocket cost for their imaging.

With the new alternative Open MRI technology, there are no sides to the MRI equipment. Our High-Field Performance Open MRI system features an open gantry design, providing easy, open access from all four sides, and offers patients of all ages and sizes a more comfortable, non-claustrophobic environment for the procedure. Traditional closed Tube-type MRI utilizes a confining cylinder that ranges from a fixed 24” to 28” across in diameter, giving the patient little or no space surrounding him or her. With Closed Tube-type MRI systems, the patient is also most likely placed head first into the bore, leading to an ever greater feeling of anxiety and discomfort.

Greater Convenience for All

Our Open MRI offers the option for large patients and relief for claustrophobic patients

  • Can’t fit, or are uncomfortable in traditional closed, tube-type MRI machines?
  • Anxious about being put in a tube and worried that you might ‘freak out’?
  • Do you need medication that will require recover time and / or a need to have someone drive you home in order to get you through your MRI?

Our Open MRI alternative eliminates these concerns for most patients. There are no sides to restrict your view! It is wide open!

Patients that have required sedating anxiety medication to tolerate the procedure In a traditional or even a wide-bore (opening) tube-type MRI machine have successfully completed the same exact procedures in our Open MRI with no need for drugs, a driver or lost time to recover.

Faster and more Efficient Results for Healthcare Providers

With our Open MRI’s larger opening and extensive lateral table movement, it is possible to comfortably position the patient into the MRI magnet’s isocenter to better target the area being scanned. This gives the physician optimal image quality on all anatomies. And both patient and physician enjoy a greater likelihood of a highly diagnostic scan being completed the first time without incident. Our highly trained and dedicated staff deliver images and accompanying reports faster than traditional hospital-based radiology departments. We also provide the physician with a secure Physician Portal for instant access to patient scan images.

The spacious opening of our Open MRI system also allows our Medical Imaging Technologists better access to patients, giving them one more level of comfort they won’t experience anywhere else.

What to Expect

Prior to your MRI, you will be asked to remove any metallic objects. Because some make-up is made with a metallic base, it is best to wear little or no make-up the day of your appointment.

Because MRI uses a large magnet, certain implants can be affected by an MRI exam. If you have any of the following please notify the technologist:

#   A pacemaker or pacing wires

#   Artificial heart valve

#  Aneurysm clips

#  Implanted spinal or brain stimulator

#  Metal fragments in your eyes or skin

#  Bone or joint replacements.


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